For over fifty years, the Charron organization has been selling and servicing
specifiers, distributors and electrical contractors in Northern New England. The Charron line card represents the finest package of lighting and control manufacturers available in the territory.

Agency Services

A dedicated staff at the home office and warehouse in Central New Hampshire provides superior customer service and a range of other amenities to a large and loyal customer base.


From distributed, addressable lighting controls to networked campus-wide control systems, from theatrical control consoles to solar-powered lighting controls, Charron has been in the forefront of sophisticated lighting control systems for more than twenty-five years.

Design Assistance

State of the art software combined with experienced Charron technicians provide an important resource for design professionals.

All things LED

The Charron Organization was the first agency in its territory to recognize the potential for LED lighting. It has developed a comprehensive offering of LED products for the residential, commercial, educational and institutional markets, including medical and heavy industrial applications.


A 40,000 square-foot Charron facility stocking lighting and control products, ranging from commodity commercial and industrial fixtures to thirty-foot outdoor lighting poles, provides overnight delivery anywhere in Northern New England.