Camman Industries, Inc.

Charron Incorporated, a manufacturer's representative serving Northern New England for over fifty years, has announced that they will represent Camman Industries, Inc. in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

While Camman Industries originally focused on manufacturing the highest quality church lighting, it has evolved with the changes in the architectural lighting industry over the last 17 years.  Its ongoing research and investment in cutting-edge industry technology has enabled Camman Lighting to explore new and innovative approaches to the design and manufacturing process.  Thus it has built on its church lighting expertise and expanded into commercial, civic and historic architectural settings.

Camman has developed and nurtured ongoing relationships with leading architects and designers, and has continued to learn and collaborate on a wide variety
innovativeprojects.  Its work spans the continental US, from a historical application at Ellis Island to an art-deco restoration in New Orleans. Camman Industries was chosen as the manufacturer for the Holy Family Catholic Church in Utah which was a GE Edison Award Winner for Excellence in Environmental Design.

As Camman Lighting and Charron Incorporated move into the future with LED fixtures and more advanced custom capabilities, Camman Industries will be a key element in Charron's continued penetration of the architectural lighting market. In addition to its custom capabilities, some of the most popular of Camman's standard designs are shown below.




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